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The new shoppe is a welcoming, homey yet carefully styled space that centers a relaxed and joyful experience of radical coffees, teas, and nibbles. Here you can enjoy our coffees and new tea line alongside some other local vendors like Soul Chai, Wildwood Chocolate, Bloom Caramel, Babkush Bakery, and Fleur de Lis Bakery. We've also added our favorite little pour over, Japan Origami Dripper, to both our website and shoppe.

The menu includes nibbles and both SLOW and GO beverages.

SLOW Menu:

Espresso based drinks like Cappuccinos, Lattes, and Mochas made with Wildwood Chocolate. You can also purchase single origin coffee on our handmade Origami Dripper Bar. We've got Classic Masala and Rooibos Chai from Soul Chai.

GO Menu:

Drip single origin coffees from African, Central and South America, and Oceania/Sunda Islands. Iced coffee as well as tea blends from Keia & Martyn's. Non-alcoholic canned drinks and locally made syrups for those that can't have caffeine.


Pastries like croissants, muffins, and cookies from Fleur de Lis. Babka from Zicra at Babkush Bakery. Chocolate bars from Wildwood Chocolate. Coming soon are tea sandwiches and other big snacks.